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Operation Cherry Red Auction

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Auction overview

Bidding starts: 31 May 2018 09:00:00 BST
Ends: 31 May 2018 10:22:08 BST
Bidding Agreement

We are proud to introduce the first Operation Cherry Red Auction taking place on the 31st of May. New regulations within the Ethiopian market allow for increased traceability and transparency, and smallholder farmers now have the ability to export their coffees directly.

This is a great step forward and we feel the need to recognize this monumental breakthrough properly by holding an auction to celebrate.


Auction Start

31st May @ 9am BST (London)

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Start times in your part of the world

  • Los Angeles, USA 31st May 2018 at 01:00 PDT
  • New York, USA 31st May at 04:00 EDT
  • London, United Kingdom 31st May 2018 at 09:00 BST
  • Oslo, Norway 31st May at 10:00 CEST
  • Riyadh, Saudi Arabia 31st May 2018 at 11:00 AST
  • Taipei, Taiwan 31st May at 16:00 CST
  • Beijing, China 31st May at 16:00 CST
  • Tokyo, Japan 31st May at 17:00 JST
  • Seoul, South Korea 31st May at 17:00 KST
  • Melbourne, Australia 31st May at 18:00 AEST
  • Corresponding UTC 31st May 2018 at 08:00

Lots in this auction

Lot Boxes Weight Increment Bid Total value Title High bidder Time left
18-A9436.5lbs$0.50$38.50/lb$16,805.25Natural Yirgacheffe-1Maruyama Coffee Co., Ltd. FINISHED
18-B9436.5lbs$0.50$30.50/lb$13,313.25Natural Yirgacheffe-1Coffee LibreFINISHED
18-C8388lbs$0.50$33.50/lb$12,998.00Natural Yirgacheffe-1Coffee LibreFINISHED
8-A9436.5lbs$0.50$37.50/lb$16,368.75Washed Guji-1Maruyama Coffee Co., Ltd. FINISHED
8-B9436.5lbs$0.50$27.50/lb$12,003.75Washed Guji-1Coffee LibreFINISHED
8-C8388lbs$0.50$27.50/lb$10,670.00Washed Guji-1El Cafe Coffee RoastersFINISHED
19-A9436.5lbs$0.50$17.00/lb$7,420.50Natural Yirgacheffe-1EL CAFE COFFEE ROASTERSFINISHED
19-B9436.5lbs$0.50$16.60/lb$7,245.90Natural Yirgacheffe-1Coffee SourceFINISHED
19-C8388lbs$0.50$15.50/lb$6,014.00Natural Yirgacheffe-1Puff CoffeeFINISHED
13-A9436.5lbs$0.50$7.50/lb$3,273.75Washed Sidamo-1Maruyama Coffee Co., Ltd. FINISHED
13-B9436.5lbs$0.50$7.50/lb$3,273.75Washed Sidamo-1Monmouth Coffee CompanyFINISHED
13-C8388lbs$0.50$7.50/lb$2,910.00Washed Sidamo-1Monmouth Coffee CompanyFINISHED
27-A9436.5lbs$0.50$11.00/lb$4,801.50Natural Guji-1Puff CoffeeFINISHED
27-B9436.5lbs$0.50$10.50/lb$4,583.25Natural Guji-1Coffee SourceFINISHED
27-C8388lbs$0.50$9.50/lb$3,686.00Natural Guji-1Mokkamestarit OyFINISHED
23-A9436.5lbs$0.50$8.50/lb$3,710.25Washed Yirgacheffe-1Artisan RoastFINISHED
23-B9436.5lbs$0.50$8.00/lb$3,492.00Washed Yirgacheffe-1GBT & Solid StripeFINISHED
23-C8388lbs$0.50$8.50/lb$3,298.00Washed Yirgacheffe-1Coffee GraffitiFINISHED
11-A9436.5lbs$0.50$17.50/lb$7,638.75Washed Yirgacheffe-1Monmouth Coffee CompanyFINISHED
11-B9436.5lbs$0.50$16.50/lb$7,202.25Washed Yirgacheffe-1Monmouth Coffee CompanyFINISHED
11-C8388lbs$0.50$17.50/lb$6,790.00Washed Yirgacheffe-1MOK Specialty CoffeeFINISHED
16-A9436.5lbs$0.50$8.50/lb$3,710.25Natural Limu-1St AliFINISHED
16-B9436.5lbs$0.50$10.00/lb$4,365.00Natural Limu-1Main House Coffee & Accro CoffeeFINISHED
16-C8388lbs$0.50$9.50/lb$3,686.00Natural Limu-1G. Henauers Sohn AGFINISHED
10-A9436.5lbs$0.50$7.50/lb$3,273.75Washed Sidamo-1Maruyama Coffee Co., Ltd. FINISHED
10-B9436.5lbs$0.50$7.50/lb$3,273.75Washed Sidamo-1-FINISHED
10-C8388lbs$0.50$7.50/lb$2,910.00Washed Sidamo-1Caffè Pascucci spaFINISHED
28-A9436.5lbs$0.50$7.50/lb$3,273.75Washed Guji-1Maruyama Coffee Co., Ltd. FINISHED
28-B9436.5lbs$0.50$7.50/lb$3,273.75Washed Guji-1-FINISHED
28-C8388lbs$0.50$7.50/lb$2,910.00Washed Guji-1Black Gold Coffee Co., Ltd. FINISHED
7-A9436.5lbs$0.50$8.50/lb$3,710.25Natural Guji-1Black Gold Coffee Co., Ltd. FINISHED
7-B9436.5lbs$0.50$8.50/lb$3,710.25Natural Guji-1SmallArmsBigHeart_LovelyThoughtsFINISHED
7-C8388lbs$0.50$9.00/lb$3,492.00Natural Guji-1Sulalat CoffeeTrading EstFINISHED
14-A9436.5lbs$0.50$8.50/lb$3,710.25Natural Kochere-1Caffè Pascucci spaFINISHED
14-B9436.5lbs$0.50$8.00/lb$3,492.00Natural Kochere-1Sulalat CoffeeTrading EstFINISHED
14-C8388lbs$0.50$9.00/lb$3,492.00Natural Kochere-1TASHIRO COFFEE FINISHED
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